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 Speed Bumps

Great for parking lots, garages, and private drives. Use them in intersections, pedestrian crossings, and toll gates...anywhere you need to encourage safe and slow traffic speeds.
Scientific Developments, Inc. Speed Bumps are versatile,   maintenance free, and dependable.

Speed Bump
  •  Made in the USA from 100% post-consumer recycled rubber.
  •  Resistant to weather, salt, moisture, UV, oil, and temperature.  They will not warp, chip, or crack. 
  •  For added safety, add durable yellow striping for daytime visibility and cat eye reflectors for nighttime visibility.
  •  For use in areas with traffic speeds of less than 10 mph
  •  Flexible—conforms to surface contours
  •  Dual bottom channels for drainage, wire or pipe to 3/4”
  •  May be removed for surface maintenance
  •  Easy installation.  (Click here for instruction page.)

 Speed Bump Table

Speed Bump Spec Sheet - click here


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