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Speed Humps

The right answer for increasing safety on residential streets and improving traffic flow though a residential area. Use them any where you need to encourage safe and slow traffic speeds. 

Scientific Developments, Inc. Speed Humps are versatile, maintenance free, and dependable. 

SpeedHump withCar
  •  Made in the USA from 100% post-consumer recycled rubber.

  •  Resistant to weather, salt, moisture, UV, oil, and temperature.  They will not warp, chip, or crack. 

  •  Durable yellow striping for high visibility

  •  For use in areas with traffic speeds of less than 15 mph

  •  Flexible—conforms to surface contours

  •  Dual bottom channels for drainage, wire or pipe to 3/4”

  •  May be removed for surface maintenance

  •  Easy installation.  Click here for instruction page

Speed Hump Table
Speed Hump Spec Sheet

Speed Hump pieces

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