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Chock Accessories  

Pile of Chocks


E - Eyebolt  Eyebolt. Add your rope, cable, or chain as a handle or to connect to another chock or dock.

metal hairpin

M - Metal Hairpin Handle  3/8" hot rolled low carbon mild steel painted black. Approx. 4 1/4" x 1 3/4"

pole step

N - Pole Step Handle   ½” zinc galvanized hot rolled low carbon mild steel.  Approx. 7” x 1”

cable loop rope loop

L - Loop Handle  6" Cable ( 3/8" galvanized steel cable) or 9" Rope ( 3/8" Twisted Polypropylene rope).

rope pigtail w eyebolt rope pigtail

P - Rope Pigtail  with or without eyebolt. 1/2" Twisted Polypropylene rope.

rope handle

R - Rope Handle  3/8" Twisted Polypropylene rope.

rope connects

F - Yellow Rope Connect  Connect any pair of wheel chocks with 1/2" twisted polypropylene rope. Usually 36".  Can be customized from 24" to 48".

dock connect

C - Cable Dock Connect  Attach your wheel chock securely to any dock with our 16 ft. cable dock connect. Made with 3/16" vinyl coated, 7x19 galvanized steel cable - strong and durable.  Light weight and easier to handle than traditional chain connects.

  chock shoe

CS - Snow and Ice Shoe provides gripping action when used on snow, ice and/or unpaved surfaces. Each painted steel "shoe" has 8 spikes welded in and is secured to the wheel chock by screws.


Wheel chock accessory table
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yellow chock  

Painted Chocks

  • Available in Orange, Red, Blue, Green or Yellow

  • 7 - 10 day lead time applies

orange chock Blue chock


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